Color Images Photo Lab Long Island
Photo Lab in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. Custom Printing, Giclee Printing, Video Transfer
Photo Restoration

With over 20 years of experience, Color Images is able to make your old, damaged photos appear like new. We can restore your old Photographs better than most places, as we don't use automated methods, which can dull or soften many important parts of a Photograph, like someone's eyes for example...And unlike those Box Stores, which send your original photos across country (Or worse), all work on your Photograph is done in house. And if you are uncomfortable leaving your original photograph with us, we can scan it while you wait, and comple the Retouching on a later date. We also give you a CD of the repaired image as well, which can come in handy later on if you need more prints....Please call for a quote or more info...

630-2 Broadway Ave., Holbrook, New York, 11741, United States
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